Hy-Care Product Recall

Dear customer,

CooperVision is voluntarily recalling its Hy-Care® contact lens care products from the market, effective immediately.

This is because our internal quality tests have determined that under certain circumstances the contact lens care product does not provide adequate disinfection performance against high levels of certain yeasts.

This is purely a precautionary measure by our company. To date, no complaints have been received and there have been no confirmed incidents attributable to inadequate disinfection.

Please support us with the following steps if you sell our product:

  • Please check your inventory as soon as possible.
  • If possible, stop selling the affected product immediately.
  • Record the LOT numbers and quantity of each bottle type in your inventory.
  • Please fill out the form below and press "Send".

If the form does not work, please contact our Customer Service on +44 (0) 1489 883870 .

After receiving your form, we will check your details and refund your costs as soon as possible.

In addition, we ask you to dispose of the care product solution via the usual household drain and to recycle the packaging (plastic bottle and, if necessary, outer box).

As part of our recall campaign, we will also ask the end consumer to stop using and to dispose of Hy-Care® products in their possession.

This will be done through various means of communication that we are currently reconciling:

  • a recall webpage for end-users to provide disposal and reimbursement information,
  • an e-mail and/or letter template to inform your customers directly about the recall, including a link to the recall website,
  • consumer information for your website with a link to the recall website.

As soon as these are completed, we will inform you.

At CooperVision, we appreciate your support and apologise for any inconvenience this situation is causing you or your customers.

Please fill out the following fields and send us the questionnaire back.

If, contrary to expectations, the transmission of the form does not work, please contact our Customer Service on [insert number].

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