CooperVision thrives on innovation

We're here every day helping to spearhead the newest scientific and technological breakthroughs in the ocular industry. That's part of what drives us to work in such an exciting environment.

CooperVision is well regarded in the industry for our history in overcoming difficult lens fittings and providing the vision correction the world needs. We have a proud heritage to uphold and more to accomplish in offering the best contact lenses possible. We stand by our purpose in realizing that no two eyes are the same.

Seeing things in a different light is just the beginning at CooperVision. We put ideas into action, raise the bar on product excellence and create the next generation of contact lenses. To accomplish this, we maintain a strong commitment to advanced research and development.

And when we're given a problem, we solve it. It's that simple.

To learn more about our applied techniques, click through below to see how our applied science and technical expertise are changing the optical industry and world of contact lenses for the better.

Our Applied Sciences

See how our technology is beneficial to lens wearers everywhere.

Our Technical Expertise

Learn how our strong R&D team serves as the basis of our innovation.