Cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses with multipurpose solution

Cleaning and disinfecting your lenses is one of the most important things you can do. If contact lenses are not handled and cleaned properly, they can cause eye infections and other problems. So when you remove your lenses at the end of the day, make cleaning and disinfecting them part of your daily routine.

Of course, if you’ve chosen daily disposable lenses, you can skip all of this!

Step 1:
Once you have the lens out and in the palm of your hand, cup your hand slightly and squeeze fresh contact lens solution onto the surface of the lens. Your multipurpose solution instructions tell you how many drops to use.

Step 2:
Rub the lens in this small pool of cleaner. Your multipurpose solution instructions tell you how long to rub and rinse your lenses. Make sure you get both sides of the lens clean.

Step 3:
Put the lens in its storage case, cover it with more fresh lens solution, then cap it. Your multipurpose solution instructions tell you how long you should soak your lenses to disinfect them.

And that’s it! Always keep your lenses in their case, covered with fresh lens solution when you’re not using them.

Taking care of your lenses

Contact lenses are delicate. They’re also very precise medical devices. You must treat them with care to get the most out of them. 

  • Always follow the lens schedule prescribed by your eye care professional. Trying to wear them for longer periods is bad for your lenses and your eyes.
  • Be gentle! Today’s soft contact lenses can tear. If a lens becomes torn, throw it away. When you’re handling your lenses, don’t squeeze them and be careful not to snag them on jewellery or a fingernail.
  • Use fresh contact lens solution every time. Not water. Not used solution. And definitely not your saliva. Only use fresh solution in order to minimise the risk of getting germs and other contaminants on your lenses.
  • Rub and rinse, even on so-called “rub-free” care systems. Following the lens solution directions, clean and disinfect your lenses in fresh solution, rinse in fresh solution, then rub and rinse again in more fresh solution. Research shows that this is still the best way to keep them clean. If you are using a solution that contains peroxide, always follow the instructions and read the warnings and precautions on the bottle or box. Never put peroxide solution directly in your eye.
  • Rinse out your lens case with lens solution after every use, then leave it uncapped and upside down in a clean, dry place when you’re wearing your lenses. The American Optometric Association recommends replacing your case every 3 months.

And, as always, your eye care professional is your best source of information and help. Always follow his or her instructions, as well as the instruction insert that came with your lenses, the directions on your lens case, and the instructions on your contact lens solution. These all help to keep your lenses and your eyes in the best possible shape.